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Levels of Recognition

When searching for a lawyer in our attorney listings, keep in mind that Knights of the Bar has three levels that recognize lawyers based upon the extent of their experience, reputation and prominence.

Associate - This is a reputable attorney with at least 10 years experience who is well respected in his/her profession locally, displaying leadership in local bar associations plus a variety of articles and lectures.

Fellow - To be considered to be a fellow, a lawyer must have been in active practice for at least 15 years, achieved statewide prominence, published and lectured extensively on a statewide basis and be considered a strong rainmaker for his/her firm as a result of an excellent reputation for quality legal work.

Diplomat - Attorneys who earn the distinction of being diplomats must be in practice at least 20 years, have displayed bar leadership on a regional or national level, lectured frequently outside his/her home state, published books or scholarly articles and must be considered a key rainmaker as a result of exceptional prominence and an outstanding reputation as a gifted attorney in his/her area of law.

Attorneys are carefully selected for our attorney listings based upon demonstrated leadership, excellence and achievement in the practice of law. 

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